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29 December 2004 - 00:31

la tercera es la vencida

NINJA: Shit. This be jus' fuckin' great.
SVL: What?
NINJA: Whaddoyoumean, 'what'? This be the third time we updatin' this shit an' somethin' always happens that the entry won't go through! This is bullshit!
PIOJO: Then learn how to fucking type.
NINJA: I do know how to type, dawg!
POLLA: Oh, I beg to differ.
NINJA: I don' care if yer beggin' for some dick, I do know how ta type! This jus' hasn' been a good time.
BB: Maybe we should update later?
YANG: Naw, might as well get it over with. I mean, you know, just so this thing won't be so far behind.
GRIZZLY: Does it matter? Who reads this shit anyhow?
JACK: Jack reads it! Jack can read very good! Hukd on fonics wurks for Jac!
*Gis giggles*
NINJA: Yeah, well, it's late, an' we better hurry up an' finish this bullshit before the computer crashes an' there goes the whole fuckin' system.
YANG: Yeah, we can always come back and add the stuff about the new job and the car wreck and Mar�a slutting around later.
NINJA: Don' even mention that shit, dawg. It makes me sick, jus' thinkin' 'bou' all that.
*Polla pats Ninja affectionately on the back*
POLLA: It's alright, Ninja. Everything will work out fine, you'll see. *kisses him on the cheek*
BB: Yeah, don't worry about it, baldy. You know we all love you. *goes over and hugs Ninja and rubbs his bald head*
SVL: Aw, how come he gets all the attention today?
POLLA: Because everything's been falling on Ninja lately, that's why! Poor guy! You need a break, you know!
NINJA: 'Course I know! *sigh* I jus' wanna go ta sleep, y'know? Jus' sleep an' never wake up...
SVL: Dude, don't start going all suicidal and shit again!
NINJA: I ain't. I really jus' meant 'sleep'. Maybe wake up when all this blows over. Cuz I's swear, I don' even wanna look at Mar�a for a few days yet.
POLLA: Cut her some slack. She's been there for us.
PIOJO: We never asked her to.
BB: Yes we did! I did! Really, you guys can be so unfair!
YANG: Just drop it, you guys are just making Ninja feel worse. Can't you tell the guy needs to be alone for a while? *to Ninja* But seriously man, try not to think about it. The body'll be twenty-one soon, then you'll be able to just drink all your problems away...
POLLA (disgusted): Well, that's some advice!
NINJA: Act'lly, that does sound kinda nice, though I's still gotta wait like two friggin' weeks. *sigh* God I hope things start lookin' up.
BB: They will.
MOCO: Tienen que.
PIOJO: And if they don't, make them look up. Or I will.
*Ninja flopps down on the bed inside the Closet and turns away from the others*
NINJA: Yeah, whatever yo. G'night.
*he's asleep*

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