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23 January 2008 - 01:42

Tear Away

These frustrations building up inside of me

Flies are delicate creatures, I see.

"I'm... tearing away..."

I hate my job, I just hate it! And I've grown to hate it here, too. I can't stand this place, what was once my home. It's no more. Please, please, no more...!

"Pieces are falling, I can't seem to make them stay..."

The last thing I want to become is an abusive owner. I don't want to treat my animals unjustly. And I feel I've wronged them today. Poor Shai-shai! And my Beastie-Beast! I'm so terrible! I don't deserve them by my side. Did you see? She didn't even expose her claws! She loves me, please, she didn't mean to!

She knows what she has done was wrong. She must be punished.

We were so evil to her. And to Shai too, I think. Can't we take it all back? I want to take it all back...! Like the past half hour did not exist!

So go apologize, then. You can apologize.

Jack likes milk. And apologizeses.




"You... run away..."

We scared them, didn't we? �Pobrecitos!

I wanna run and give them a hug!

Leave it alone. Do not show weakness. If you acted in error, now deal with the consequences. The damage inflicted is already done.

Maybe we were being prejudiced against Shai because he's not really our dog?

While he remains here, under our roof and care, he is our dog.

"Faster and faster you can't seem to get awaay..."

Shut up, Ninja. You're annoying.

Part of that rage was you, wasn't it? You were mad at Shai, and at Patrick and you got mad at McCoy-Beast.

No. He was angry at his father, and at your physical sister, and at his general situation in life, and he lashed out to the innocent ones.

But they are our wards. We should protect them and care for them... love them.

Do not only blame the thug. Your collective rage gathers inside of him and he meerly allows it to manifest Outside. The hatred and rage are as much yours as they are his. Once he drains it from the lot of you, however, and expends it all, you feel sorrow for that rage, and become sorry in its stead.

In other words, leave him alone. Let him be, because it's our fault too.



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