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19 August 2004 - 22:13


JACK: Jack is hungry.

NINJA: Yeah, me too. Starvin', actually.

POLLA: You two are always hungry!

*Jack and Ninja begin to protest*

SVL: Dude, it's true.

NINJA: Whatever, yo.

BB: Sarian said maybe she'd get a diary here.

YANG: I hope not.

POLLA: What?! But why?

YANG: I don't really like her.

GRIZZLY: What has she ever done to you?

YANG: I don't know, man. I just don't feel comfortable around her, 'K?

PIOJO: Good.

POLLA: Oh, shut up! You always think anything that's bad is good!

PIOJO: I just agree with him, alright? I don't like that fat bitch either.

YANG: Well, I didn't go as far to call her that...

SVL: Well, what? You guys afraid she'll try to hit on you?

NINJA: She's into chics, dawg. I wouldn't worry.

YANG: It's not that! I just don't like her, man! Her vibe doesn't click with me or something.

POLLA: Well, I think she's okay...

PIOJO: You think anyone willing to flirt with you is 'okay.'

POLLA (aghast): I do not flirt with Sarian! Don't be sick!

*Ninja grins*

NINJA: If she was a straight guy you would.

POLLA: And if she was a straight girl you would!

BB: Oh, quit it, guys! I don't know why you all don't like Sarian. She's not that bad! A little attention-starved, true, but she's alright...

MOCO: Pues... a mi tampoco me cae bien.

POLLA: What?! Oh, you guys are ridiculous! Why do you let us talk to her then?

YANG: I don't mind talking to her, for a little bit. But that whole gig about her meeting mom and eating dinner with us... that's a little too much.

MOCO: Y hablando de 'Ama, where is she?

NINJA: Y'know somethin'? I don't know. The grub's gettin' cold. And I don' like cold ramen soup.

JACK: Blee-aach!

GIRZZLY: We better go look for her.

*Clan exits and start to look for our mother*

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