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03 October 2006 - 01:08

costume conundrum

*Jack cuddles against Da Ninja on the green crescent chair and listens as FatAss gnaws his way through the paint of his cage bars. Ninja belches. It tastes like sangr�a*

NINJA: Now that be good grub.

*Off somewhere deeper in The Closet, Polla rests her chin on her cold hand and chews a slice of pizza thoughtfully. She makes a chill run through our body, sending tinglies all over*

POLLA: I wonder what we can dress up as for Nacho's costume party.

YANG: The Predator.

NINJA: Godzilla.

GRIZZLY: Albert Einstein.

POLLA (frowning): I was thinking more along the lines of a Renaissance princess or a geisha...

GUYS (in unison): NO!

BB: How about a girl Ninja Turtle?

NINJA: How 'bout you shut the fuck up?

BB: Ninja!

*The thug sighs and drinks deeper out of the clear blue plastic cup*

SVL: It's ridiculous to start contemplating costumes now... we don't even know if we're going.

POLLA: Of course we're going!

SVL: Really? In case you've forgotton, Halloween falls on a Tuesday, in which case we work. Dumbass.

POLLA: We can get out early!

SVL: Yeah, like every other member in the warehouse will try and do. Shit goes by seniority, remember?

POLLA: Ugh, what a pisser.

YANG: Tell me about it.

GRIZZLY: Guys, I hate to rain on everybody's parade, but it's late. We need to go to sleep if we really mean to wake up in less than four hours.

NINJA: Yer always tellin' us ta go ta sleep, Grizzler.

GRIZZLY: Well, someone's gotta do it. Lookit Jack, Ninja, he's fallen asleep on your side. The guy's tired, we all are. We can discuss this shit later.

*How right he is. And so off we march to bed, and the sable arms of the night.*

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