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08 July 2005 - 22:54

turn the lights off, carry me home

Sweat glistens on the back of his neck, his arms, his shins, his back. Down his chest and his torso, all over his thighs.

*sigh* We are so fuckin' tired.

There's something on our mind that's been bugging the shit outta us today; actually, just now on the ride home from work. Our supervisor, we'll just call him Ruben for reality's sake, is now officially on vacation. He's probably getting his shit ready to fly to Arizona first thing tomorrow morning. He'll be there for a few days to visit family, then he'll move on to California. All in all, he'll be gone for a week. That part doesn't bother us at all. Neither does the fact that he left us (as in the Clan "us", not the ODC team "us". The body. Well, I make my point. It's me, alright?) in charge of his nightly report. It's not that hard to do, really, we've been doing it every night almost for the past week and a half. It's just a supervisor checklist we have to complete every night to make sure the Sort remains organized. (Pause while we wipe the backs of our hands on Yang's black jeans.) Nah, that don't worry us a bit, dawg. What's got me all weirded out n' worried n' shit is Art. He be actin' suspicious, yo, fo' realz.


NINJA: Whaddup?

GRIZZLY: Let me handle this one, ok?

*Da Ninja shuts up... for the time being*

Well, like he said, it's Art that worries us. He's bent on learning how to key in that report. He wants us to teach him. Me. But why doesn't he just ask Ruben, then?

POLLA: And Ruben did entrust that duty to us only. Not even Alb�n knows how to make that report, and he's got more seniority than the entire ODC team combined!

GRIZZLY: Exactly. So why does Art want to learn how to do it? It's not his job, it's ours, now that Ruben's gone.

The point is, we're stuck on what to do. Tonight we managed to do the report sneakily while Art was busy at the other office, but he found out later and kinda demanded that we teach him how to do it next time. On Monday, at the end of the Sort. And we kinda don't want to.

YANG: Kinda? I really don't want to!

Alright, we really don't want to. But we also don't want to get into an uncomfortable situation with Art. How do we tell him to

NINJA: ... fuck off? I mean, this shit was entrusted ta us, dawg. An' we's did ask him tonight why he wanted ter know how ta do this report. All he said wuz dat he had his reasons. He won't say no more.

POLLA: I think he wants Ruben's position. He wants to learn everything there is about being a supervisor so he can take the job. But can you imagine Art as our supervisor?!

YANG: I'd have no respect for him, that's for sure. As a co-worker he's alright, but as a supervisor? Nah.

SVL: I'm not sure that's what he wants. From what I know, supervisors make less than what we workers make.

YANG: What makes you think he cares about the money? He seems to be fond of the power, though.

BB: I'm not too sure, though. He could just be curios.

NINJA: Or he could be just fuckin' nosy as shit! It ain't none o' his business how we run dat damn report! Fucker just wants ta feel superior. He can't stand it if anyone of us know something he don't. That's why he asked Deepak to change his log-in so he can do the Site Profile Maintnence shit from his SAN-shit. He looked so smug when he told us he could do it now.

PIOJO: Everything you are saying are mere speculations. The truth is that it doesn't matter why he wants to learn how to key in that report, the fact is that Ruben told us to do it, not him. You know what we have to do. On Monday, call up Ruben on his cell, or Deepak, and ask them. If they say it's alright to show Art how to do that shit, then teach him already. If not, tell him to fuck off. Big deal.

YANG: You make it sound easier than it really is.

PIOJO: It is easy. You all make it harder on ourself.

Whatever. The point is, we have the whole weekend to chew it over in our mind, come up with a decision, and carry it out. Also, let's hope Art forgets about his whole obsession thing by Monday, but like Piojo said just now, we shouldn't count on it.

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