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25 December 2008 - 02:14

xena debate

I am seriously debating on whether or not to buy the Warrior Princess Anthology DVD set. I am a HUGE geek when it comes to older series, especially action shows and cartoons I used to watch as a kid, and the Xena and Hercules series have for the longest time been on my Wish List. On the one hand, it is 169.99 buckeroos. On the other hand, Polla thinks Ares is totally hot.

Oh my God, he is! I can't believe he's dead in real life!

Yeah, that's a piece of information we recently aquired. The actor that plays Ares on the Xena and two Hercules series, Kevin Smith, died back in 2002, I think. That's the year we graduated from highschool. He was 38, poor guy. And I loved his character, too. I think he's gotta be the hippest, most bad-ass version of Ares I have ever seen. So of course Polla's using that as an excuse to pressure me even more to get the damn thing. And she really doesn't have to do much pressuring. I really want that series. True, I think they started fucking up the series towards the end, where Gabrielle becomes more of a badass like Xena and then they both have kids and whatever and it's the Antichrist or something, but overall, it's a good series. And would you know it, we never saw the season finale? All I know is Ares becomes mortal to save Xena or something. And he kills his sister, Athena, I think. Which was a downer for me because I'm a big fan of the goddess of wisdom.

Point is, I'd still spend the bucks to get the DVD series, if it weren't for the fact we still have shit pending, like getting Mak's paperwork straightened out, and fixing Cyke and the barda around the house and maybe buying a new car since the Dud is taking Hugo in January. Seriously, it's just so much crap.

Please, please, please, please oh please get the series, Grizzly! Think of Ares! He's so fuckin' HAWT! If you get it I won't bug you for anything for the rest of the year, I promise!

See what I have to deal with? Do you see?!

Come on, we haven't gotten ourself a birthday present yet! You'll enjoy it for the mythological crap you like so much, and I get to see my stud-muffin god of war! I think Kevin Smith could so whoop up Cratos's ass!

Are ya kiddin'?! Cratos, in real life, would be like six foot some'in, almost seven foot tall, and he's like three people wide. He's could tie both arms 'round his back n' still whoop up da Xena Ares! He ain't even a giant like in the game!

Ares would too win! He kills Athena, so how's she gonna ask Cratos to help her? And besides, Xena would probably stick up for Ares, 'cause he's her mentor and whatnot, and she'd kill Cratos for sure!

*guffaw* Xena can't kill Cratos!

Can too!


She can too!

She cain't, bitch, I's know what I'm tellin' ya!

Will you both just shut up already?! This is a serious financial decision I'm gonna have to make in the next few hours, probably. Maybe I'll get a few days to think it over, but definately have to come up with an answer by the weekend, which is also the time I have to come to a decision about whether or not to buy Jesse's car. And that's four hundred dollars we're already gonna be down. Do we really wanna risk spending another two hundred? And what about the bills? Two hundred are already gonna go to CitiFinancial as it is, and then there's Mak's paperwork to deal with, too. Right off the bat, it's six hundred dollars. Plus the Xena shit would make it $800, approximately. Can we really afford to blow a grand before January even rolls around?

The answer, of course, is no. We have just managed to make our mark on our finances, and we are waiting for the money to come in from the funeral home. But in order to not completely disappoint (since I can already hear the groaning in the background), take the following consideration: we are about to receive about a grand and a half in monetary compensation from the American Memorial Insurance company. If we get that money before the new year rolls around, go ahead and indulge yourself and put these annoying voices to rest. If December 31st comes with no evidence of the money or proof that it is on its way, forget buying ourself anything. We have enough in our life to be glad with. It should suffice. There are those with far less money, or less food, even.

Well, lady and gentlethug, the Protector hath spoken. I think I'll stick with that, thanks, Piojo.

God, I hate it when he acts as the voice of reason! He's always right! Curses!

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